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What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is . . . 

What are statues made of?

What are natural drugs?

What controls skin colour?

What are isomers?

What are proteins?

What are lipids?

Why am I looking like my mommy?

How can we treat diseases?

Can chemistry cure the environment?

Can we protect stone monuments?

Why are things colored?

How are clays turned into pottery?

Can sculptures be carved from the hardest rocks?

Why does acid rain degrade marble?

Is "chemical" the opposite of "natural"?

Who founded modern chemistry?

Why are silicates so different from each other?

Are molecules and atoms conserved in reactions?

Is pollution the due price for development?

What are colorants?

Are oceans a methane source?

Is chemistry involved in life?

Why does wood burn?

Mirror images of molecules?

Can molecules differ by shape only?

Why do colors fade with time?

Why does chemistry produce energy?

Is shape important in biochemistry?

How do soaps work?

Why can freezing water damage statues?

Why am I looking like my daddy?

Why does our skin turn darker when tanning?

What are polymers?

Are plastics used in fine arts?

What is DNA?

Energy from plastics?

What is biochemistry?

What is the green patina covering bronze?

How can we protect our environment?

Can we recycle plastics?

What are thermosetting resins?

Is chemistry important in making drugs?

Is chemistry sustainable?

How is polystyrene foam made?

Do molecules have a shape?

Are media fair about chemistry?

What is RNA?

Where do plastics come from?

Why does ice float upon water?

Can plastics be biodegradable?

What are polar molecules?

Who founded modern science?

Is chemistry related with cultural heritage?

How can we dispose of plastics waste?

What is the scale of hardness of minerals?

How are rocks formed?

Any hazards in handling chemicals?

What are atoms?

How can we treat degraded artifacts?

Why oil is insoluble in water?

Chemistry is . . .